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    From incredible adventures in two hemispheres to a new home here in Brazil. Reah Valente spent 11 years in Japan, New York, and Los Angeles. She was very successful, launched an international tour, but only now – with three albums and a musical background filled with alternative pop rock – her debut in her native language with her new CD “Cenários.”

    It makes sense, as it was during her childhood here in Brazil that Reah fell in love with music listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” On a small farm in Maringa, Reah picked up a guitar and began to write her own music.

    She moved to Japan when she was 18 years old to study Japanese history and culture. Right after finishing her course, she began to focus on what had prior been only a hobby: music. Playing in Tokyo night clubs soon brought her to the attention of a well known independent music label. “Do you have any of your own songs?”, the label asked her. Reah - as Americans called her because they were not able to correctly pronounce “Renata” – already had 80 songs in her portfolio. She sang a few songs with just a guitar and was signed immediately.

    Her first album, Certain Relativity, was comprised of songs written during her adolescence. A talent for composing, musical knowledge, and a potent voice made Certain Relativity a hit in Japan. Renata played three shows a day, and was constantly stopped in the streets by adoring fans. Finding herself suddenly a celebrated singer, Reah wept with emotion. It was time to face it: music had kidnapped her forever.

    Restless, she moved to New York in 2006. She played drums for the punk band Tied for Last – and, to boot, often played shows in the birthplace of punk music, the now defunct CBGB. From New York, Reah went in search of new musical horizons on the boulevards of Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, she teamed up with producers Paul Fox (Bjork, 10.000 maniacs, Wallflowers) and David Cobb (Rock N’ Roll Soldiers, Chris Cornell) to produce her second album, the EP My Way Back Home. With her second album in hand, she played the Whiskey a Go-Go, the legendary venue where the Doors launched their career, and in several well known venues in New York.

    In between trips, Reah composed her third album, Psychadelic Cinema. For the first time in her career, Reah recorded an analog disk, full of riffs and 1970’s influences. The album quickly became a hit on iTunes and alternative music podcasts, such as CDBaby’s blog and podecast.

    A return to her home country seemed the next logical step for her career. When she arrived in Brazil in late 2010, Reah met famed producer Rique Azevedo. A desire to create something more simple, direct, and more emotional brought the signer to new genre: pop rock. The triumphant result is seen in ten songs in Portuguese (with the exception of Falling out of Love). Mixed and masterd by João Milliet and recorded at Cada Instante Productions, Cenarios was launched in May of 2012. As one cycle ends – or begins, depending on your point of view – all of the talent and sincerity that captivated and charmed Japan and the United States, has finally arrived in Portuguese.